The Science

GlowMaster monitors the player’s brainwaves and presents a simple visualization (the glowing airplane) to show the player their current state of focus. Continued play and training helps exercise the brain and promotes a transition to reaching the desired state of focus.

Neurofeedback training (NFT) has been widely used, successfully, for decades. It has been used to train the best of the best including astronauts and Olympic athletes. It presents the trainee with some form of visual or auditory feedback that shows a measure of how well the trainee is doing to achieve a desired brain state (such as attention) in the moment.

GlowMaster employs a brainwave (EEG) sensing headset to monitor focus levels while onscreen graphics reinforce improvement in focus skills. Children are self-motivated to play the game because of its compelling graphics, challenging play mechanics and overall entertainment value.

What teachers think…
Educators confirm that GlowMaster motivates students to strengthen their focus by advancing through progressively difficult game levels.


What psychologists think…
Psychologists appreciate that GlowMaster enables students to gain an understanding of what focus feels like and what they need to do to activate that feeling.

What children think… Children who play through the entire game tell us that they’re able to use the skills learned in the game in their everyday lives.